2 Analysis

2.1 Justice

2.1.2 Democracy and development

"For the poor of the Third World, development has meant less and less control over their own resources and lives. Their struggle to survive has become more difficult, their existence has become precarious. There has indeed been progress and development, but only for the few. The rest are paying for this development by sacrificing their lives, cultures, values." (Minamata Declaration, August 24, 1989. Minamata, Japan .) "For indigenous people and for minorities, democracy has meant the rule of the powerful, a very small elite. Both development and democracy have become dirty words for the oppressed because, in reality, they have come to mean impoverishment and disempowerment." (Minamata Declaration, August 24, 1989. Minamata, Japan.) "One of the words which has been stolen from the people and corrupted is the word "democracy". Originally, democracy meant the autonomy, the self-determination, the empowerment of the people. To many people in the Third World, however, it has come to be the label for a facade of "civilian government", disguising state terror and repression in a ploy to claim legitimacy for the state to serve the interests of the powerful. For indigenous peoples and other minorities, democracy has been the ideology of "majority rule" that has been defined them as "minorities" who could be legitimately ignored." (Minamata Declaration, August 24, 1989 Minamata, Japan.)


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Democracy including the rights of minorities needs to develop in the different world regions from their respective pre-conditions. Democratisation is a demand not only on national level, in international organisations there is also a discussion on more democracy pushed by non-governmental organisations and with different approach by several Third World nations.

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