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Biblical-theological vision on the Integrity of Creation (II)

The experiences, struggles and theology expressed above make certain things clear.

  1. First, these viewpoints are windows into understanding the integrity of creation. Certainly there are many more. Christians in different settings throughout the world will bring a variety of experiences and insights to deepen the understanding of this challenge.
  2. Second, in each of these perspectives, the links of the integrity of creation with justice and peace are clearly evident. This underscores biblical and theological truth. Thus, we find an inter-section of two approaches to the churches' comitment to the integrity of creation. Theological affirmation, rooted in the creedal understandings of the church through the ages and drawn from biblical resources, joins the theology of Christians who discover from their particular experiences that the integrity of creation, justice, and peace are three aspects of one reality - God's intention for the world.
  3. Third, the perspectives of Christians engaged in the struggle for creation's integrity challenge the church to deepen its theological and biblical understanding at this point. Our task here is to engage our rich theological traditions with the contemporary and profound crisis threatening creations' integrity. A solid foundation in the biblical and theological understanding of the integrity of creation will help enable the churches to speak, act and respond with power.


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