Towards a Vision of Europe - A world orientation

69. The image of the common European house has its limitations as well. First, it tends to ignore the reasons why in this century different parts of Europe have gone in different directions. An inspiring vision is no substitute for tackling tough questions. Secondly, when used by the churches, the image may be misunderstood as leading back to a past which has been lost. We attach primary importance to our common Christian values, both for individual and for social life. But we do not wish to restore models of the past. Instead, we need to be witnesses to a culture of love and seek for the appeals of God's reign amidst the rich pluriformity of today's cultural environment. Finally, the image may sound Eurocentric. However, as churches in Europe, we are part of the worldwide body of Christ. Our orientation, therefore, is essentially not towards the future of Europe alone, but of the world, of God's creation.


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