Towards a Vision of Europe - Disarmament and confidence-building

57. Our hope for healing requires that the process started with the INF Treaty is pursued. The immense accumulation of weapons in Europe, whatever may have been its role in the past, is now increasingly seen as the expression of a division which must be overcome. In many respects, the "Cold War" seems to be over. But with the exception of only a few neutral states, Europe remains organised in two antagonistic military blocks, with huge standing armies. The consumption of resources that supports these structures continues to impoverish millions of people both inside and outside Europe. As churches, we must contribute to finding new structures in Europe, which reflect the problems of today and tomorrow, not of yesterday. Living together in peace in Europe will require a common security system. We look with hope at the talks which have started this year on conventional forces and on confidence building.

58. Living together in peace on our continent will require a new vision of Europe and a policy of common security.

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