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Towards a Vision of Europe - Healing the division of Europe

54. The Churches are undoubtedly called upon to help to overcome the divisions which keep the nations of our continent apart. We Europeans should not become reconciled to the present situation.

55. The initiated process of detente has borne evident fruit in the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) (Helsinki 1975 down to the Vienna Concluding Document of 1989) and the Medium Range Missiles Treaty (INF) of 1987. The important question for us all is whether Europe - East and West - is ready to enter upon a new phase of this process. In the coming years, will detente mean no more than an effort to reduce the dangers of our divisions or will we at long last achieve a real reconciliation in Europe? In virtue of their mission, the Churches have a special responsibility to contribute to this reconciliation.

56. Detente and reconciliation in Europe must not take place at the expense of the countries in Asia, Africa, Central and Latin America. Concern with the blatant injustice in Europe's economic relations with the poorer nations must not only continue, but be deepened. A Europe which solves its own problems and difficulties can fulfil its responsibility towards others all the more effectively.


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