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II. The challenges we face - Threats to Justice

9. More than 950 million human beings today lack the basic necessities of life. Millions have become victims of violence, civil wars and callous disregard, or have died of hunger and lack of basic health services. Throughout the world the sanctity of life is threatened in many ways. Many of the poor nations are deprived of the possibility of meeting even the most basic human needs of the citizens. Even in the rich industrialised countries the number of people living under the subsistence level is growing steadily. The debt crisis is perhaps the most spectacular example of economic injustice. Human rights are being violated on a massive scale. This is true for economic, social, cultural and religious rights, as well as civil and political rights.

10. Nations cannot overcome the problems of injustice and poverty on their own. A new international order, in which human rights are effectively recognized, international law is strengthened and institutionally enforced and just economic relations are established is required.


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