The Treaties - 7 - Treaty for Non-Governmental Organization Cooperation and Sharing of Resources

1. We, as members of the non-governmental organization (NGO) community, who are not compromised by business interests or political partisanship, and who are committed to a common vision of an ecologically sustainable planet and a dignified human existence, hereby agree to the content of this treaty as follows and to the spirit in which this treaty was written.


2. The protection of the environment and the achievement of ecologically sustainable development at every level and in all regions can be more quickly and effectively attained by increasing the numbers and skills of NGOs committed to these objectives.

3. The world's new and emerging NGOs have many significant un-met needs and unrealized capabilities which reduce their ability to achieve their goals.

4. All NGOs have valuable experiences, skills and resources, but effective programs to share them have generally not been implemented until now; an open, collaborative and mutual sharing process is needed, which enables all parties to learn and benefit from each other.

5. NGOs with important skills, proven strategies and other resources should make every effort to share them with their fellow NGOs.

6. NGOs which offer to share knowledge, skills, experiences and resources should ensure that such sharing be transparent, accountable and available to as wide an audience as possible.

7. NGOs who take part in this sharing process, especially on an international level, must recognize and respect their partners' cultural and socio-economic circumstances and make a concerted effort to overcome barriers, in order to promote an effective exchange.


The primary objectives of this treaty are, as follows, to:

8. Promote active cooperation and the exchange of information and resources among NGOs, locally, nationally and internationally

9. Strengthen the NGO community worldwide

10. Overcome cultural and communication barriers.

Our Commitment to Action

We, the NGOs which have signed this treaty, commit ourselves to do the following:

11. Overcome language barriers to the best of our ability

12. Within our individual organizations, make a formal commitment to share our skills and information with fellow NGOs; establish internal budgets and identify staff persons, volunteers or others to permit implementation of this purpose.

13. Respond as soon as possible, and with the best of our capabilities, to the specific requests of other signatories to the treaty, and if need be, conduct research and/or advocacy on behalf of fellow NGOs

14. Conduct or participate in two or more of the following sharing activities annually

  1. establishing a program within our organization for personnel exchange with fellow NGOs which facilitates mutual understanding and the sharing of knowledge and skills
  2. participating in skills and resource sharing activities, such as training or workshops on a local, national, or preferably international level
  3. raising public awareness in our countries about the specific activities of signatories to this treaty in an appropriate way and on a regular basis
  4. assisting our NGO partners, to the best of our abilities, in their fundraising efforts.
  5. 15. Strive to share the equivalent of at least one percent of our annual budget each year with other members of the NGO community, through bilateral exchange of resources, in-kind services and direct financial grants

16. Promote the signing of this treaty of cooperation and sharing of resources among like-minded NGOs.

17. If we refuse to cooperate with another signatory of this treaty we must state the reasons for doing so upon request.

Mechanisms and Monitoring

18. We commit ourselves to create these cooperate relationships with one or more fellow NGOs via the most appropriate channels, such as existing networks, in order to demonstrate the power of collaboration. The networks should take the initiative to promote NGO cooperation and sharing of resources as detailed in this treaty. Experience gained from this process should be disseminated as widely as possible. We have the task to promote the treaty.

19. We as signatories of this treaty do not endorse the formation of any new global mechanism, or permanent secretariat to administer this treaty, nor do we condone the use of this treaty out of the context in which it was intended - to foster non-formal cooperation and sharing of resources among the world's NGO community.

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