1. Message of the World Convocation on Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

1. NOW IS THE TIME to commit ourselves anew to God's covenant. The moment of history is unique. All life on earth is threatened by injustice, war and destruction of creation because we have turned away from God's covenant. Knowing of the opportunities that are offered to us, we ask for God's forgiveness. We witness many hopeful changes.

2. NOW IS THE TIME to welcome and confirm the achievements in linking local and regional struggles for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Our contexts and perceptions are different indeed. Yet we have to overcome our divisions. Among them we must encourage wider support of the churches for people's movements. There are no competitive efforts for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. There is one single global struggle.

3. NOW IS THE TIME to consolidate all struggles for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. We must free ourselves from bondage to power structures which blind us and make us accomplices in destruction. Christians have to move out into the world to which Jesus came.

4. NOW IS THE TIME to join the struggle of the Korean people for the reunification of Korea and to support their plea and prayer for a Year of Jubilee in 1995.

5. NOW IS THE TIME when the ecumenical movement needs a greater sense of binding, mutual commitment and solidarity in word and action. It is the promise of God's covenant for our time and our world to which we respond. Thus we affirm:

  • that all exercise of power is accountable to God;
  • God's option for the poor;
  • the equal value of all races and peoples;
  • that male and female are created in the image of God;
  • that truth is at the foundation of a community of free people;
  • the peace of Jesus Christ;
  • the creation as beloved of God;
  • that the earth is the Lord's;
  • the dignity and commitment of the younger Generation;
  • that human rights are given by God.

6. NOW IS THE TIME for the ecumenical movement to articulate its vision of all people living on earth and caring for creation as a family where each member has the same right to wholeness of life. While this vision is spiritual in nature, it must be expressed in concrete action. On the basis of our spiritual experience here in Seoul we have committed ourselves to work for:

  • a just economic order and for liberation from the foreign debt bondage,
  • the true security of all nations and peoples and for a culture of non-violence;
  • building a culture that can live in harmony with creation's integrity and for preserving the gift of the earth's atmosphere;
  • the eradication of racism and discrimination on all levels for all people, and for the dismantling of patterns of behaviour that perpetuate the sin of racism.

7. NOW IS THE TIME to recognize that there is a long process still before us. We will take to our churches and our movements the affirmations and commitments we have made in Seoul, inviting others to join us. Together with them we struggle for the realization of our vision. We are accountable to one another and to God. We pray that we do not miss the kairos to which we have been led by God.


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