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A. The materials

  1. Growing Together in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (Geneva, WCC, 1982) is a discussion guide written by William H. Lazareth for lay study groups. It is brief, inexpensive, written in a lively style, and addressed primarily to the general reader.

  2. Ecumenical Perspectives on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (Geneva, WCC, 1983) is a volume of theological essays edited by Fr Max Thurian which provides doctrinal and liturgical scholars with fuller treatments of the technical issues involved.

  3. Baptism and Eucharist: Ecumenical Convergence in Celebration (Geneva, WCC, 1983), edited by Fr Max Thurian, offers priests and pastors some appropriate resources and adaptable models for Christian worship. A wide variety of rites portray current liturgical renewal among the churches, including new ecumenical liturgies of baptism and eucharist that incorporate the elements recommended in the agreed text.

B. The use of these materials

The materials may be used both for worship and for study. In so doing the hope is that there will be a common search by the churches to deepen their worship and spirituality, teach their doctrine, nurture their witness, and to engage in activities of Justice and service while advancing Christian unity.

  1. Use in ecumenical contexts
    In union negotiations
    In bilateral conversations
    In councils of churches - national, regional and local
    In other ecumenical societies

  2. Use within churches
    In theological education
    In committees on church relations
    In church assemblies
    In councils, synods and conferences of ministers
    In lay study groups
    In regular acts of worship

Wherever possible all churches are encouraged to share and compare their study results across confessional, national and cultural boundaries.

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