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3. Insights and stimulus from Christian faith - 3.1 The human question

(91) Analyses of social challenges presuppose certain criteria of perception and include anthropological and ethical prejudgements. The Social Market Economy is likewise founded on anthropological and ethical preconceptions. It starts from a human image involving freedom and personal responsibility, solidarity and social commitment. The Social Market Economy is based on preconditions that it cannot create or guarantee itself, but without which it will not be viable in the long run. They should be brought to mind in the present situation of profound change, as the empowering source of the vision and motivation needed to face new challenges and to work towards a society based on solidarity and justice.

(92) A lasting improvement of the economic and social situation can only be based on the recollection of the human image and fundamental values underlying the Social Market Economy. In drawing public attention to them, the churches render a genuine service. The Christian view of humankind is one of the basic spiritual forces of our common European culture and the economic and social order deriving from it.


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