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One Earth Community - List of Participants

Working Group on Religious communities representatives:

Ms Renate Bloem,  World Federation of Methodist Women

  • Mr Masamichi Kamiya Japan,  Rissho Kose-Kai
  • Ms Hanju Kim-Farley,  Baha'i International Community
  • Mr Merghelani Kamal Sirajalddin,  Muslim World League, Makkah
  • Mr Michael Stahl, Lutheran World Federation
  • Mr Alan Whaites, World Vision of Britain


  • Ms Yolanda Kakabadse, UNCED
  • Mr Peter Sand, UNCED
  • Mr John Sloan, Permanent Mission of Canada, Geneva

World Council of Churches representatives:

  • Prof. Rubem A. Alves, Brazil, Centro Ecumenico de Documentacao e Informacao
  • Rev. Rodolfo A. Baslot, Philippines, United Church of Christ
  • Dr Shantilal P. Bhagat, USA, Church of the Brethren
  • Mr Stefan Edman, Sweden, Church of Sweden
  • Dr William E. Gibson, USA, Presbyterian Church
  • Ms Juliet Huntly, Canada, United Church of Canada
  • Mr Roger Hutchinson, Canada, (accompanied by Moira Hutchinson) - United Church of Canada
  • Archimandrite Iannuary Ivliev, USSR,  Russian Orthodox Church
  • Metropolitan John of Pergamon,  Ecumenical Patrichate
  • Ms DianA Lim, USA, Presbyterian Church
  • Prof. Wangari Maathai, Kenya, The Green Belt Movement
  • The Honorable David MacDonald, Canada, House of Commons
  • Ms Fikile Ngcobo, South Africa, Church of the Province of S.A. (Anglican)
  • Ms Pamela Philipose, India
  • Rev. B. Prabhaker Rao, India, (acdompanied by B. Dayamrutha P. Rao) - Church of South India
  • Dr Lukas Vischer, Switzerland,  Evangelische Arbeitsstelle Oekumene Schweiz
  • Ms Sita Weerasuriya., Sri Lanka, Centre for Society and Religion
  • Dr Rosina Wiltshire, Barbados, Development Alternatives with Women
  • Mr Wong Meng Chuoi, Malaysia, Institute for Community Education

WCC staff:

  • Ms Victoria Berry, International Affairs
  • Ms Aruna Gnanadason, Women
  • Rev. Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, Church and Society
  • Ms Rebecca Larson, Participation and Development
  • Ms Peony Wong, Church and Society (administration)

International Coordinating Committee on Religion and the Earth representatives:

  • Rev. Albert G. Cohen, USA, (accompanied by Faith Annette Sand) - United Church of Christ
  • Dr Donald Conro, USA, North American Coalition on Religion &Ecology
  • Prof. Steve Dunn, Canada, Elliot Allen Institute for Theology & Ecology
  • Rabbi Joseph Glaser, USA, Central Conference of American Rabbis
  • Ms Angela Harkavyl, USA, South American Coalition on Religion & Ecology
  • Mr Danny Martin, USA, ICCRE
  • Ms Nancy Moshé, USA, ICCRE
  • Dr Eleanor Rae, USA, North American Conference on Christianity & Ecology
  • The Most Rev. Sir Paul Reeves, New Zealand, Anglican representative to the UN
  • Dr Robert Traer, Germany,  International Association for Religious Freedom

World Conference on Religion & Peace representatives:

  • Mr David Arnott, UK, WCRP (UK)
  • Dr John Taylor, WCRP (International)

World Wide Fund for Nature representatives:

  • Ms Leyla Alyanak, The New Road
  • Dr Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, Thailand, WFT
  • Mr Fazlun Majeed Khalid, UK, ICOREC UK
  • Ms Rebecca Murphy, Ethiopia, Baha'i International Community-
  • Dr Abdullah Jibril Oyekan, Nigeria, Nigerian Muslim Council
  • Ms Allison Phillips, WWF International
  • Ms Carole Saint-Laurent, WWF International


  • Rev. Rainer Lingscheid, Germany,  Association of the Churches' Development Services Germany
  • Rev. Rüdiger Noll, Germany,  Conference of European Churches

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